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LG Talent Solutions

The Company 

LG Talent Solutions is a privately owned organization that has been created by identifying a critical need in the small to medium business sector for a tailored recruitment solution. The tailored recruitment solution is guaranteed to improve the calibre of employees hired, reduce the time taken to fill positions, which will, in turn, increase organizational productivity and most importantly, reduce the cost of acquiring new staff.

Value Proposition

In our process of evaluation, collaboration, and acceleration we aim to provide the best recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution in the industry. 


We know that moving towards an end goal without a proper plan in place greatly increases the chances of not achieving a successful outcome. That is why we consider the planning stage of any effective recruitment strategy, just as important as the delivery. The importance of this stage cannot be overlooked and we firmly believe that this is where the traditional recruitment method falls.


We offer an unrivalled and fully integrated recruitment process that aligns seamlessly with your current policies and procedures. Most importantly, our model works with, not against, the key decision-makers within your organization. Thus, ensuring that everybody is working towards the overarching objective, which is acquiring the best talent in the market in the most time and cost-effective method. A true partnership.


With your time now utilized on the most important tasks and with the best people in the right roles, achieved most quickly and efficiently; we guarantee that this will equate to your organization reaching your business objectives quicker than expected and with less impact on your bottom line when compared to traditional recruitment strategies.

Our Sectors

Through our extensive network and reach, we are able to service any organisation looking to increase or restructure its workforce within any sector in Australia. Regardless of the size of your assignment, we have specialist consultants ready to go to deliver on your requirements.

We already have a track record of successfully implementing project-based assignments in the following sectors:

  1. Building Products

  2. Australian Manufacturing

  3. Construction - Commercial & Residential

  4. Industrial products & services

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